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About U.S. Asylum Application

As of United States immigration laws, Asylum is a protection granted to aliens who are already in the U.S. or arriving at any U.S. border in fear of persecution or harm in their homelands. It allows asylees to escape the risk of serious human rights violations and persecution in their country of nationality or permanent residency and come to America to kickstart a new life

Eligibility to Apply for U.S. Asylum

In order to apply for Asylum (form I-589), an applicant must fulfill the following requirements of the U.S. government:

  1. The applicant must not be convicted of a serious crime or an aggravated felony.
  2. Prove a well-established fear of persecution in your homeland.
  3. Persecution must be on account of at least one of five protected grounds:
    1. Race
    2. Religion
    3. Nationality
    4. Political opinion
    5. Particular Social group
  4. Physical presence in the U.S. or seeking entry into the U.S. at a port of entry is mandatory.

Required Documents to Apply for Asylum

Asylees must complete form I-589 and file with supporting documents for an asylum application. An incomplete or inaccurately filed application could linger the process of receiving employment authorization and end you up facing additional questions at the asylum interview or hearing before the immigration judge.

You’ll need to submit the following documents to file your asylum application appropriately.

  1. Two copies of the original completed and signed I-589 form, including supplementary documents, such as affidavits and statements.
  2. Three copies of supporting documents, including passports, driver’s licenses, travel documents, identity card, and documents of country conditions.
  3. Three copies of any medical reports, evaluations, or assessments
  4. One passport size photograph for the asylum applicant and each family member
  5. Can I visit my home country after asylum?
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Frequently Asked Questions

You’re likely to qualify for asylum if you can prove that you meet the international law definition of a refugee and are not subject to any asylum bars. Bars to asylum include but are not limited to:
1. Being convicted of severe crimes inside and non-political crimes outside the U.S.
2. Assimilation into terrorist activity or being a threat to national security
3. Permanently resettling in another country outside of your motherland
4. Prior asylum denial (except in changed circumstances)
5. Filing for asylum after one year of arrival in the U.S.

As an asylee you get work authorization in the United States. Besides, you can apply for a social security card and request permission to travel overseas. One year after receiving your grant of asylum you can apply for a green card.

Unfortunately not, until you receive an asylum grant. Once you are granted asylum, you can petition to bring qualifying children and your spouse to the United States.

Definitely, you can, but not before one year after receiving asylum for a green card and before four years after receiving a green card for citizenship.

Yes, you can travel back to your homeland, but most immigration attorneys discourage it.

Yes. If you’re not an English speaker, you need to bring an interpreter to the asylum office interview since they don provide interpreters for this purpose.

Yes. If you no longer have a well-established fear of persecution owing to a fundamental change in circumstances, your asylee status can be terminated.

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